Saturday, May 30, 2015

Well, hello there! *and a freebie*

    So, a quick intro before we get started. I'm Heidi. 32 years old. 5 kids. 1 husband. 1 dog. Homeschooler. Maker. Crafter sounds too 90's and artisan sounds too snooty, so, I'm a maker. I make people. I make things. You name it, and I've probably at least attempted it at one point or another. I rarely get enough sleep (see; 5 kids). Youngest of 7. Married to an only child. THAT can get interesting sometimes. Lover of Jesus. Look like my mother, only got my dad's crazy eyebrows (don't ask how much wax I have to use to keep those things tame). Smiling is my favorite. Firm believer in if you don't have something nice to say, don't say it at all. Photographer (but not reeeeally). Book reader (if I ever get the time). Loathe parallel parking. Enjoy playing Lego's and blocks with my kids. Super hot showers are one of the best things ever on the planet. Morning person. Coffee helps with that. Give me a tent and a sleeping bag and I'm a happy camper, literally. My brain still remembers the pre children body, so when I go clothes shopping I hold things up and think I can wear them, only to laugh out loud in the dressing room when it won't fit past my hips. Been out of school 15 years. Never went to college. Starting college next week. Gasp! Next week is really soon. 

   Okay, that might have been a little too much info. Hopefully, no one has nightmares of watching a stranger try on jeans. Let's move on, shall we?

   I figured I would make my first blog post a fun one by giving you a free printable. This is an 8x10 format and would be totes adorbs in a frame or just taped up with some washi. Yes, I said totes adorbs. I have a 13 year old, so I get a free pass to use cool lingo out of my age range. Please do not go acquire a teenager for that purpose though, because you will be disappointed with the extensive whining and you may not be comfortable with being 'the worst person ever' upon saying no to a ridiculous request. Don't get me wrong, I love my kids, but there is a reason God gives them to you as babies all precious and sweet smelling. True story.

   If there is a chance you don't know what I am saying when I refer to 'washi', please crawl out from under your rock and Google it. I feel as though it should be a staple in every home. If you don't have some, get some. 

   Without further ado, the printable. Hope you like it! I'm gonna tape it up on my wall too! *You can print this to keep for yourself or give as gifts if you'd like, but please do not sell this print and do not claim it as your own. 

   I hope everyone has a great weekend! Stay safe and make memories! 

-Heidi <3