Friday, October 23, 2015

No Tricks, Just Treats *Free printable tag!

Halloween is almost here and what better way to celebrate than with baked goodies? Then again, I say that for every holiday....or really any day ending in y. What? I like cookies. Don't judge me. 

On any given day my daughter or I will be making cookies, cupcakes, brownies, bars, or dipping something in chocolate. That is special bonding time together for us.

My smaller girls (three and five) enjoy doing that too, but it can get a little complicated for them sometimes. So, this time we just bought a pre-made sugar cookie roll for them to do. We got ours from Aldi, but I know Pillsbury makes some as well that you can get in most stores.

I helped the girls slice the cookies. I would suggest making them on the thicker side because they stay softer that way. If you like crunchy cookies, go thinner. I kept turning the roll as we sliced so one side wouldn't get flat.

Follow the directions for oven temp and baking time. Thank goodness ours only took about 8 minutes to bake. You know how impatient little ones can be when there is waiting involved!

Here they are! Super easy and they actually look like jack-o-lanterns! So cute!

I pulled out my baggies and jute to package them up all cute like so the kids can pass them out to friends. My bags came from a local craft store called Pat Catan's, but I have also seen them at Hobby Lobby. Can't remember exactly where the jute came from, but I know Dollar Tree and Dollar General have some. 


You can print the FREE sheet of tags here
*You may print as many as you need, but please do not claim them as your own. You may attach them to an item being sold, but you may not sell them outright.

Once you print the sheet, cut out the tags, hole punch the corner, and string it through! So easy! 

I hope you enjoy the tags! Be sure to add them to your Pinterest board! That way, if you don't use them this year, you will have them handy for next year!

If you use the tags please share your goodies! I'd love to see! Have an awesome day!



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